Band on Tour

Band on Tour


THE LAST GASP is a group of musicians dedicated to bringing the best out of live performance.

Having played together for the last 5 years, presided over by musical genius ( there’s no other word for it ) Martin Hodgson and general layabout lead singer Al Webster, the band has a set list which always gets the crowd going.

We got together to play gigs to raise money for various charities and we still insist that a substantial part of any fee goes to a charity – it could be one nominated by us or by you.  That’s because we do it for the love of the music.

So, listen to a few sample tracks, recorded at SSR studios at Manchester and live.  If you like them, contact us and we can discuss availability and cost for a gig which you won’t forget.


Lead vocals:  Alistair Webster.

By day a lawyer, Al is transformed into an all singing and dancing front man by the first sounds of a chord.

Lead guitar and vocals:  Martin Hodgson. 

By day a planner, by night the architect of the most amazing guitar licks.  An unfortunate tendency to surf the crown towards the end of a gig.

Rhythm guitar and vocals:  Dave Wilde.

The funkmeister and our closest approach to eye candy.

Bass guitar and knees:  Steve Shepherd. 

Also known as Captain Dangerous, this consulting economist by day lays down rock steady rhythms on his Fender bass by night, in tandem with…

Drums:  Rob Webster

Drum Monster

Keyboards:  Nick

Nick is Mr. Tupperware, but when his fingers hit the keyboard…..